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Former British resident: ‘Wage Jihad against the Jews’

Zaglol This is Zaghloul al-Naggar,
the Egyptian cleric who has the distinction of being a former academic
at the University of Wales. Some of his latest utterances can be seen
on Memri-TV.

According to Jihad Watch,
‘The jihadists and their supporters keep telling us that this is a
religious issue, not a political one, and the learned analysts in the
West keep refusing to believe it, and keep telling themselves and us
that a concerted effort at winning hearts and minds, to the tune of a
few billion here and a few billion there, will solve the problem.’

goes on to quote al-Naggar:  ‘The Arab World Is Ruled By the Scum of
the Earth and the Garbage of All Nations; I Am ‘Absolutely’ Calling to
Wage Jihad Against the Jews, Who Are Devils in Human Form.’

The Koran says: ‘Ignominy shall be their portion wheresoever they are
found save (where they grasp) a rope from Allah and a rope from men.
They have incurred anger from their Lord, and wretchedness is laid upon
them. That is because they used to disbelieve the revelations of Allah,
and slew the prophets wrongfully. That is because they were rebellious
and used to transgress.’ (3:112)

goes on: ‘I lived in Britain from the early 1960s, and many stores and
restaurants still had a ‘no dogs, no Jews’ sign. The Jews wanted to
escape the humiliation imposed on them by the West, and to shift it to
the Arab nation. In this case, two goals coincided: The Jews’ goal was
to have a state, which would protect them from their humiliation all
over the world, and the goal of the West was to avenge its defeat in
the Crusades, by returning to the region.

‘This conspiracy
began in the 17th century CE, when the Jews convinced the British to
form the Zionist-Crusader Committee. This committee devised the general
outlines of the conspiracy. Later, Europe, because of its hatred for
the Islamic Caliphate, launched a fierce war of attrition against the
Islamic countries, and the Caliphate eventually collapsed.’

And on and on. It is sickening.

is why the Bishop Williamson affair matters. The outrage in the West
over Williamson is not motivated by anti-Catholic prejudice. We have
been guilty of that over history and of course the persecution of
Catholics in the past and in the present where it occurs is something
needing repentance.

The Williamson episode signifies something
far greater and more dangerous, and the above gives an indication of
what that is. ‘Never again,’ is the slogan we should all adopt. And we
must all say it, and teach our children to say it, again, again and

Incidentally, one of the commentors at Jihad Watch notes
that al-Naggar was a signatory to the important A Common Word document.
Dumbledore’s Army writes there: ‘Regulars here may remember, but new readers and posters may not, the “A Common Word”
‘letter from the Muslims to the Christians’, signed by 138 Muslim
‘scholars’, that was sent, in October 2007, to all leading figures
within the Christian world (e.g. to the Pope, the Archbishop of
Canterbury, the Russian Patriarch…).
Zaghloul al-Naggar was one of those ’138 “scholars”‘.
His signature alone, on that letter, should have led it to be torn into
little tiny pieces by the recipients, and filed in the circular file.’