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Muslim delegation to meet pope at Vatican

Muslim delegation will have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI this
week after taking part in a seminar on religious leadership in times of
crisis, the Vatican said Monday.

Members of the World Islamic
Call Society, headquartered in Libya, are visiting the Vatican for the
11th time since 1976 and will see the pope on Wednesday, the Vatican
said in a statement.

WISC, grouping some 250 Muslim associations across the world, carries out humanitarian, religious, cultural and social projects.

The Vatican maintains ties with several Muslim organizations around the world.

most prominent recent initiative has been the creation of a
Catholic-Muslim forum in response to a 2006 call for inter-faith by 138
Muslim intellectuals and religious figures.

The first such forum,
held at the Vatican in early November, issued a joint call for
religious freedom, non-violence and a fairer world. –AFP