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A New Approach

The A Common Word letter is greatly impacting how of the best theological schools in the world teach and engage interfaith studies and discussions by encouraging an engagement centered on Love of God and Love of the Neighbour while allowing for discussions of great controversy.

Academic institutions teaching A Common Word

Cambridge University

Cambridge Summer Interfaith Program at Cambridge University

The Cambridge Inter-faith Programme brings 30 students from Islamic, Christian and Jewish backgrounds around the world to Madingley Hall near Cambridge, for a three-week programme of inter-faith education.  Students will learn about forms of inter-faith engagement past and present, be trained in the practice of inter-faith scriptural reasoning, and be led through a process of reflection on the inter-faith possibilities and challenges of their home contexts.

The CIP Summer School

Yale University

The Reconciliation Program – Yale University

The Reconciliation Program is the newest program at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture. In its initial phase, the Reconciliation Program is focused primarily on bridge-building scholarly research on the major theological, political, cultural, social and ethical issues which traditionally divide Muslims and Christians, and on concerns which unite them.

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University of Toronto, Victoria University

The Canadian Certificate in Muslim Studies

The Canadian Certificate in Muslim Studies project emerged in a context of interfaith friendship and Christian hospitality. Nevin Reda El-Tahry, currently the program’s coordinator, worked over the course of a year with Emmanuel College and Victoria University to invite participation from a variety of Muslim persons and organizations. Over time, the discussion included many people and spoke of a need within the Muslim community: Muslim leadership can benefit from education examining common commitments between Muslim values and the pluralistic context within Canada, and issues treated by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Department: Emmanuel College. A Common Word, That We May Know Each Other.
By: Dr. Zijad Delic . Rev. Dr. Bruce Gregersen.
Part of the Canadian Certificate in Muslim Studies.

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Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

Übung/Seminar: A Common Word Between Us and You.

Department: Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology (Theological Faculty)
By: Sarah Markiewicz. (Germany). (Spring 2012)

Hartford Seminary

Renewal of Muslim Theology: “A Common Word” and the Theology of Compassion (TH-686)”.

The course offers a brief survey of traditional Muslim Theology (Kalam) and recent attempts at its renewal (New Kalam). Invoking often neglected resources within the Muslim tradition, and dialogically engaging contributions from Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist theological quests, a new Ash’arite Theology of Compassion is then offered for discussion and elaboration. The “A Common Word” initiative is invoked as a solid foundation for compassion-centered theology and preaching, and the need for personal and institutional networking towards a Compassion Architecture is then explored.

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TB Faith Foundation

Bringing 12-17 year old students together all over the world using digital technology. 70 schools in India have undertaken the programme with over a thousand pupils participating and 345 teachers trained. Students have connected with schools all over the world including the USA, UK, Australia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Indonesia, and Pakistan