Christian Endorsements

  1. Deborah Lindsay
    Clergy, Saint Paul University United States
  2. John Nugent
    Minister, Church Of Sweden (Lutheran) United Kingdom
  3. Sadhu Sunder
    Pastor & President, Uniting Church In Australia India
  4. Rev. Mark
    Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church In Denver, Colorado, United States
  5. A. Berret
    Associate Professor, Catholic Church United States
  6. A. Claas
    Minister, United Church Of Christ United States
  7. A. Helmick
    Instructor, Department Of Theology, Boston College United States
  8. A. Kanaka
    Rector Emeritus, Church Of The Holy Nativity, Honolulu, HI United States
  9. A. Miller
    Director For The Office For Black Catholic Ministries, Archdiocese Of Hartford United States
  10. A. Molson
    Pastor, United Methodist Church United States
  11. A. Ruth
    Minister, Presbyterian Church United States
  12. Adrian Helleman
    Professor, Christian Studies International Canada
  13. Al Waterhouse
    Professor, University Of California United States
  14. Alan Brehm
    Pastor, United Church Of Christ United States
  15. Albert Neal
    Pastor, Triangle Interfaith Alliance United States
  16. Alfred Krass
    Minister, Jharkhand Bihar Section Of SDA, Ranchi United States
  17. Andrew J.
    Associate Minister, University Of Agder United States
  18. Anna Bigelow
    Assistant Professor, NCSU United States
  19. Antony Rablen
    Priest, Methodist Church Nigeria United Kingdom
  20. Armando Bernardini
    President, IFIIE Italy
  21. B. Camillo
    Bishop, Catholic Church - Kuwait
  22. B. Chu
    Bishop, The Kyoto Cosmos Club Zimbabwe
  23. B. Hassing
    Associate Professor, Catholic University Of America United States
  24. B. Manter
    Professor Of Philosophy And Religion, Order Of Magdal-Eder United States
  25. Barbara Grace
    Retired Clergy, Crossroads United Church Of Christ United States
  26. Ben Hardman
    Assistant Professor, Church Of England United States
  27. Betty Hamilton
    Re Tired Presbyterian Minister, University Of Aberdeen United States
  28. Bill Cunningham
    Retired, The Federated Church Of Livingston, NJ - United Church Of Christ/American Baptist Churches United States
  29. Bonnie Guy
    Professor, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church United States
  30. Brenda Appleby
    Assistant Professor, United Methodist Church Canada
  31. Brian Stiltner
    Department Of Philosophy, Theology And Religious Studies, The Evangelical Christian Church In Canada (Christian Disciples) United States
  32. Brother Donald
    Chair, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry United States
  33. Bruce Sloan
    Pastor, Yale World Fellows Program United States
  34. Bruce Wilkinson
    Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Norman, OK United States
  35. Buckley Rich
    CEO, Peace And Conflict Resolution.Org, Corp United States
  36. C. Burgdof
    Associate Professor, Capital University United States
  37. C. Dutton
    Minister, Presbyterian Church(USA) United States
  38. C. Elisamp
    Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) United States
  39. C. Frank
    Pastor, St. Philip Lutheran Church, Kitchener, Ontario United States
  40. C. Kirwan
    Deacon, Church In Wales United States
  41. C. Roberts
    Pastor, Local Reformed Church United States
  42. Carlos Arboleda
    Professor, Universidad Bolivariana Colombia
  43. Charles M.
    Center For Islamic Studies, Global Life Church United States
  44. Cheryl Damiani
    Director, Mennonite Church United States
  45. Chris Baltzley
    Director Of Multi-campus Development, Cape Town Interfaith Initiative United States
  46. Chris Swift
    Parish Priest Of Shepperton, Anglican Church United Kingdom
  47. D. Arthur
    President, Interfaith Campus Ministry, Clark State Community College United States
  48. D. Hawkins
    Jesuit Priest; Pastor In New Orleans, LA, USA, Holy Name Of Jesus Church United States
  49. D. Horst
    Minister, First Parish In Malden, Universalist United States
  50. Daniel Bollerud
    Pastor, Christ Our Savior Lutheran United States
  51. David Burrell
    Hesburgh Professor Emeritus, United States
  52. David Lewicki
    Co-pastor, North Decatur Presbyterian Church Decatur, GA, USA United States
  53. David W
    Pastor, Antioch Baptist United States
  54. Dennis Nickerson
    Senior Baptist Minister, The Baptist Union Of Great Britain Canada
  55. Dennis Olson
    Charles T. Haley Professor Of Old Testament Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary Princeton, NJ United States
  56. Donald Davis
    Monk, Mount Melleray Abbey Ireland
  57. Donald Grayston
    Priest, Anglican Church Of Canada Canada
  58. Donald MacGregor
    Interfaith Officer, Aurora University United Kingdom
  59. Douglas Lamb
    Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Rockaway, NJ United Kingdom
  60. Dr. James
    Director, The Brueggeman Center For Dialogue, Xavier University United States
  61. E. Croth
    First Congregational UCC United States
  62. Eileen Edwardsei
    Pastor, Messiah College Canada
  63. Eleanor Stoneham
    Retired, First Baptist Church Three Rivers United Kingdom
  64. Ephrem Thurman
    Monk, Mount Angel Abbey United States
  65. Eric Maura
    Senior Pastor, First Christian Church Noblesville United States
  66. Eric Pickerill
    Pastor, Vineyard Church Of Columbus United States
  67. F. Alain
    Monk, Ordre De Saint-Beno France
  68. F. Benildeos
    Member, Franciscan Brothers Of Brooklyn United States
  69. F. Getty
    Professor, Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church United States
  70. F. Gordon
    Priest, Diocese Of Easton, Episcopal Church United States
  71. F. Morris
    Dept. Of Theology, Boston College United States
  72. F. LeRon
    Professor Of Theology, Nazarene Evangelical And Social Orgn. Norway
  73. Father William
    Retired, Roman Catholic United States
  74. Favor Bancin
    Priest, Church- Gereja Kristen Protestan Pakpak Dairi Indonesia
  75. Flores Anthony
    Minister Of Religion, The Church Of Scotland South Africa
  76. Fr John
    Director, Federal University Of Technology, Minna South Africa
  77. Fr. Geoffrey
    Rector, Episcopal Church Of The U.S United States
  78. Frank Kaufmann
    Director, Inter Religious Federation For World Peace United States
  79. G. Batarseh
    Professor, Francis Marion University United States
  80. G. Mcaslin
    Pastor, First Baptist Church Of Painted Post, NY United States
  81. G. Peyton
    Senior Associate, Church Of The Redeemer, Bryn Mawr PA, University Of Berne United States
  82. G. Scruton
    Bishop, Episcopal Diocese Of Western Massachusetts United States
  83. G. Volpe
    Director, Just Enough Faith Australia
  84. Gabriela Phillips
    Trinity Episcopal Church, Collinsville, CT Argentina
  85. Garry Derkenne
    Chaplain, United Church Of Canada Australia
  86. Gary Bouma
    UNESCO Ch, Monash University, Melbourne Australia
  87. Gary Gaudin
    Pastor, United Church Of Christ Canada
  88. George Deeney
    Roman Catholic Priest, Discalced Carmelite Friars Italy
  89. Gerard Rixhon
    Senior Research Associate, Institute Of Philippine Culture, Ateneo De Manila University Philippines
  90. Gerhard Bowering
    Professor, Yale University United States
  91. Gregory Dawes
    Senior Lecturer In Religious Studies, University Of Otago New Zealand
  92. H. Dennis
    Senior Pastor, Wayside United Church Of Christ United States
  93. H. Meegan
    Japanese University Faculty, ALASKA/European Union 2000 USA
  94. H. Patchell
    Instructor, Northeastern University United States
  95. Hans Muller
    Professor, Gilgal Trust Norway
  96. Harald Nielsen
    Head Of Dialogue, United Church Of Christ Denmark
  97. Hatakeyama, Danmission
    Professor, - The Danish Lutheran Church Japan
  98. I. Backues
    Professor, Eastern University United States
  99. I. Janet
    Pastor, St. Francis Xavier University United States
  100. Ian Lynch
    Pastor, First Congregational Church, United Church Of Christ, Brimfield, Massachusetts United States
  101. Ingvar Rimshult
    Vice Proncipal, Waldensian Presbyterian Church Sweden
  102. J. Brasley
    Ecumenical And Interreligious Officer, Roman Catholic Diocese Of Rochester United States
  103. J. Brazell
    Pastor, Sharonville Presbyterian Church PC(U.S.A) United States
  104. J. Conley
    Church Pastor, Presbyterian Church, USA United States
  105. J. Davies
    Co-Director, Partners In Conflict And Partners In Peacebuilding, University Of Maryland United States
  106. J. Frederi
    Professor, Loyola Marymount University United States
  107. J. Gaffney
    Professor, University Of St. Thomas United States
  108. J. Hooper
    Retired, Unitarian Universalist United States
  109. J. Howell
    Minister, Cal-Pac Conf - United Methodist Church New Zealand
  110. J. Kang
    Assistant Pastor, First Baptist Peddie Church United States
  111. J. Manuputty
    Chairman, Maluku Interfaith Council Indonesia
  112. J. Martin
    Professor, Curry College United States
  113. J. Perr
    Pastor, Northern Light United Church United States
  114. J. Pluedde
    Missions, Evangelism & Intercultural Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL United States
  115. J. Renard
    Islamic And Theological Studies, Saint Louis University United States
  116. J. Strange
    Distinguished University Professor Of Religious Studies, University Of South Florida United States
  117. J. Tyler
    Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA) United States
  118. J. Wead
    Same, Madison Presbyterian Church, Madison, IN PCUSA United States
  119. J. Whitehouse
    Global Center For Adventist Muslim Relations, General Conference Of Seventh-day Adventists United States
  120. J. Jermain
    Pastor, United Church Of Warner United States
  121. Jacky Manuputty
    Executive Director, Calvin College - Society Of Christian Philosophers Indonesia
  122. James Wicker
    Chaplain, Juvenile Justice United States
  123. Janet Marsh
    Minister, United Methodist Church New Zealand
  124. Janet Smith
    Vicar, Independent United Kingdom
  125. Janine Elizabeth
    President, Reformed Church Berne Switzerland
  126. Jeff Falter
    College Chaplain, The United Church Of Canada United States
  127. Jerald Whitehouse
    Director, Presbyterian Church (USA) United States
  128. Jim Schoeld
    Retired, Presbyterian Church, USA United States
  129. John Adegoke
    Leader, Cherubim & Seraphim Church United Kingdom
  130. John Craig
    Sacred Heart University United States
  131. John Fair
    President, Planning For Peace United States
  132. John McFadden
    Chaplain, Goodwill Industries Of North Central Wisconsin United States
  133. Jon Pahl
    Lutheran Theological Seminary At Philadelphia United States
  134. Jonathan Dean
    Assistant Professor, Church Of England United States
  135. Jony Faraj
    Pastor In Amman, The Cathedral Of The Madeleine Jordan
  136. Jose Jelor
    Director, United Methodist Church Philippines
  137. Joseph Horrigan
    Director, Canadian Jesuits Canada
  138. Joseph Victor
    Research Scholar At Birmingham University, Society Of Jesus India
  139. Josh Jacobs
    St Davids Diocese, Church In Wales United States
  140. K. Cragg
    Instructor, Dept. Of Religion, Utrecht University United States
  141. K. Donnell
    President, The Collegeville Institute For Ecumenical And Cultural Research United States
  142. K. Kawohl
    Reverend, Urantia United & Transcendology United States
  143. K. Moore
    Law And Society, First Presbyterian Church Of Williamstown, NJ United States
  144. K. Roberts
    Assistant Professor Of Systematic Theology, Bethel Seminary United States
  145. Katherine Bullock
    Lecturer, Political Science, University Of Toronto, Mississauga Canada
  146. Keith Killough
    Associate Pastor, Vineyard Community Church United States
  147. Keith Osmund-Smith
    Minister & Chaplain, High Point University United Kingdom
  148. Kelly James
    Professor Of Philosophy - Executive Director, Convention Of Atlantic Baptist Churches United States
  149. Kuv Mordhorst
    Priest, Ev.-luth. Church Germany
  150. L. Freeman
    Director, SARJ Schole Of Ministry United Kingdom
  151. L. Klayne
    Pastor, Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) United States
  152. Lars Engblom
    Vicar, Maryland Avenue Baptist Church Sweden
  153. LeDayne Mcleese
    Baptist Peace Fellowship Of North America United States
  154. Dee Legbara
    Priest, United Methodist Church Nigeria
  155. Linda Spiers
    Rector, Good News Church & The Connection United States
  156. Liz Congdon
    Pastor, Hospice Of Madison United States
  157. Losang Gendun
    Monk, Nalanda Monastery France
  158. Lynn Bechdikt
    Pastor, University Of Dayton United States
  159. M. Barnes
    Professor Of Inter-religious Relations, Heythrop College United Kingdom
  160. M. Buitelaar
    Associate Professor Anthropology Of Muslim Societies, United Church Of Christ/Building Bridges Netherlands
  161. M. Carr
    Instructor, Loma Linda University United States
  162. M. Farina
    Professor, Dominican School Of Philosophy And Theology United States
  163. M. Goodman
    Pastor, United Church Of Christ United States
  164. M. Janen
    Retired, Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) United States
  165. M. Kenosha
    Minister Of Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church In Denver, Colorado, Presbyterian Church, USA United States
  166. M. Northcott
    Professor Of Ethics, International Jewish Committee For Inter-religious Consultations United Kingdom
  167. M. Pucciarini
    History Of Religions, Theological Institute Of Assisi Italy
  168. M. Trigger
    Co-pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Rockaway, New Jersey United States
  169. Marcus Smeeth
    Pastor, Faculty Of Theology, University Of Copenhagen United Kingdom
  170. Maria Lichtmann
    Department Of Philosophy And Religion, Appalachian State University United States
  171. Mark Rickman
    Executive Director, University Of Louisville United States
  172. Mark Taylor
    Maxwell M. Upson Professor Of Theology And Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary United States
  173. Martha Rogers
    Archpriest, United Methodist Church United States
  174. Mary Gaut
    Pastor, Maryland Presbyterian Church United States
  175. Matt Forrest
    Pastor, Oxford Centre For Mission Studies United States
  176. Matt Parr
    President, Salvemos La Bahia De Cabo San Lucas A .C. Mexico
  177. Matthew Johnson
    General Medical Practitioner, Fitzrovia Medical Centre United Kingdom
  178. Michael Cappello
    Director, Council For Pacific Asian Theology United States
  179. Michael Conway
    Parochial Vicar, St Francis De Sales Roman Catholic Church, Las Vegas United States
  180. Michael Peterson
    Secretary, Monastic Inter-religious Dialogue United States
  181. Michael Vertin
    Professor Emeritus Of Philosophy, NHS Canada
  182. Michael Watts
    Instructor Of Religion, Johnston Community College, Smithfield, NC United States
  183. Mitchell Trigger
    Co-pastor, Carey Baptist Grammar School United States
  184. N. Gianni
    Director, The World Community For Christian Meditation Italy
  185. Nancie Paul
    Pastor, Highlands Lutheran Church United States
  186. Nancy Fowler
    Minister, United Methodist Church United States
  187. Nathan Baker-Trinity
    UnitingCare Children, Young People And Families Services United States
  188. Njaal Skrunes
    Seiwa College Japan
  189. Nora Smith
    Chaplain, University Of Groningen United States
  190. P. Annabeth
    Senior Minister, First Church, Boston (Ma.) United States
  191. P. Baker
    Deacon, Lutheran Church Of Peace United States
  192. P. Beckman
    President, Presbyterian Church, Japan
  193. P. Hellstedt
    Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church (ELCA), Mount Prospect IL United States
  194. P. Jan
    Clergy/Mediator, Claremont Graduate University United States
  195. P. Kap
    Pastor, Church Of The Brethren United States
  196. P. Keim
    Prof. Of Bible And Religion, Goshen College United States
  197. P. Meyrs
    Professor, Miriam Ministries United States
  198. P. Timko
    Professor Of Religious Studies, Benedictine University United States
  199. P. Vandewiel
    Member Justice And Peace Commission, Evangelical Lutheran Church In America Netherlands
  200. P. Karl
    Parish Priest, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Indonesia
  201. Pastor Dan
    Clergy, Changemaking Systems, LLC United States
  202. Pastor Dennis
    Pastor, Rolling Hills Baptist Church United States
  203. Patrice Brodeur
    Canada Research Chair On Islam, Pluralism, And Globalization, University Of Montreal Canada
  204. Paul Parker
    Baltzer Distinguished Professor Fo Religion, Department Of Religious Studies, Elmhuhrst College United States
  205. Penelope Brook
    Ecumenical Chaplain, First Community Church Australia
  206. Peter Hutchinson
    Retired, Manchester College (Indiana) United Kingdom
  207. Petrer Knuth
    ACKH Islam And NMZ Islam, Lanham United Methodist Church Germany
  208. Philip Powell
    Public Policy Officer, J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center, Morgaton, NC India
  209. Phillip Darey
    Pastor, United Church Of Christ United States
  210. Placido Sgroi
    Professor, Istituto Di Studi Ecumenici S. Bernardino" -Venezia" Italy
  211. P. Dempsey
    Hospice Chaplain, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Martinsville, Va United States
  212. R. Blackhirst
    Lecturer In Religious Studies, La Trobe University Australia
  213. R. Boylem
    Universal Life Church United States
  214. R. Campbell
    Minister , Church Of Scotland United Kingdom
  215. R. Dennis
    Chaplain, ELCA United States
  216. R. Kleinke
    Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church United States
  217. R. Komar
    Collegiate Professor, University Of Maryland University College United States
  218. R. Norris
    Pastor, The Royal Poinciana Chapel United States
  219. R. Redder
    Pastor, Reformed Church In America United States
  220. R. White
    Pastor, American Lutheran Church United States
  221. R. Wright
    Ordained Parish Minister, United Church Of Christ United States
  222. Rafael Arencon
    Rector Of The Anglican Church Of The Nativity In Reus (Spain), United Methodist Church Spain
  223. Rebekka Grogg
    Pastor, Church Of Norway Switzerland
  224. Regina Sundar
    Director, United Presbyterian Church USA India
  225. Reinhard Kirste
    Lecturer Of Protestant Theology, Technical University Of Dortmund Germany
  226. Rev. Bryan
    Pastor, Auburn University United States
  227. Rev. David
    Chico Trinity United Methodist Church, Jesuit School Of Theology At Berkeley/Graduate Theological Union United States
  228. Rev. Lance
    Minister Of Care & Renewal, Peace Lutheran Church United States
  229. Rev. Randolph
    Rector, California-Nevada Conference, The United Methodist Church United States
  230. Rev. Rebekah
    Director, BridgeWorks United States
  231. Rev. Ronald
    Senior Minister, Little White Chapel Christian Church (Disciples Of Christ) United States
  232. Rev. Sean
    Sr. Pastor, Interfaith Community Ministries United States
  233. Rev. Stephen
    Presbytery Of Western New York United States
  234. Rev. Ted
    Minister Of Religion, South Arm United Church Canada
  235. Rev. Thomas
    Director, African Methodist Episcopal United Kingdom
  236. Rev. Amos Oladipo
    Pastor, Southern Baptist Convention United States
  237. Richard Brown
    Medical Doctor, Peace Education Center And Solidarity United Kingdom
  238. Richard Jones
    Minister, Oakham Congregational Church UCC United States
  239. Richard Mosely
    Pastor, Hemenway United Methodist Church United States
  240. Richard Oppelt
    Pastor, United Presbyterian Church, Flanders, NJ United States
  241. Richard Penaskovic
    Professor Of Religious Studies, Auburn University, Alabama, Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church United States
  242. Rick Pryce
    Pastor, Unity Church Of Charleston Canada
  243. Rick Talbott
    Ancient Mediterranean Religions, CSUN United States
  244. Robert Llizo
    Professor, Biola University United States
  245. S. Good
    Associate Pastor, Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church - Richmond, VA United States
  246. S. King
    Pastor, United Methodist Church United States
  247. S. Resing
    Church Leader, United Church Of Christ United States
  248. S. Sharlow
    Executive Officer, Asia-Pacific Centre For Inter-religious Dialogue, Australian Catholic University Australia
  249. Scott S.
    Director Of Education & Formation, Triangle Interfaith Alliance United States
  250. Shekhar Sonalkar
    Head Of Departement, M J College, Jalgaon India
  251. Shin Ahn
    Professor Of Religious Studies, Peace Of Mind Foundation Korea, Republic Of
  252. Stephan Wagner
    Chaplain, Concept Asia Canada
  253. Stephen Whitaker
    United Presbyterian Church Of Peoria PC(USA) United States
  254. Steve Sheely
    Pastor, St Peters Lutheran Church United States
  255. T. Donell
    Deacon, Channel Island Vineyard Christian Fellowship United States
  256. T. Dotts
    Retired, United Methodist Church United States
  257. T. Fasline
    Retired Priest, Diocese Of Youngstown, Ohio United States
  258. T. Foley
    R C Priest, Amazing Grace Church Canada
  259. T. Gallagher
    Pastor, First Congregational UCC Of Flat Rock & Gibraltar United States
  260. T. Kraus
    Pastor, Sabta Maria Catholic Church - Orinda CA United States
  261. T. Michel
    Secretary For Inter-religious Dialogue, Society Of Jesus (Jesuits) Italy
  262. T.J. Tamra
    Pastor, Universal Life Church Of Arts And Spirituality United States
  263. Thomas Uphaus
    Retired, University Of Southern Mississippi United States
  264. Timothy Ross
    Hopwood Christian Church, Milligan College, Tennessee United States
  265. Todd Engle
    Minister, Engle Heart United States
  266. Tom Reynolds
    Professor, Emmanuel College, Of Victoria University, In The Toronto School Of Theology, The University Of Toronto Canada
  267. Tom Ryan
    Director, Paulist Interfaith Relations United States
  268. Trino Jara
    Director, United Methodist Church South Africa
  269. Trish Madigan
    Director, Centre For Interfaith Ministry, Education And Research Australia
  270. Vern Neufeld
    Professor Of Conflict Studies, Sain Paul University, Ottowa Canada
  271. Vic White
    Hamilton Square Baptist Church United States
  272. Vilbert Vallance
    Pastor, Methodist Church India
  273. W. Binghma
    President, Triangle Interfaith Alliance United States
  274. W. Durr
    Emeritus Professor Of Sociology, University Of Baltimore United States
  275. W. Mecc
    Director, Washburn University School Of Law Jordan
  276. W. Stone
    Program Director, Bethel University/Seminary, St.Paul, Minnesota United States
  277. Wafa Goussous
    Orthodox Initiative, Middle East Council Of Churches Jordan
  278. Whitney Bodman
    Comparative Religion, United Church Of Christ United States
  279. William Bingham
    President, Church Of The Spirit United States
  280. Wim Wiersema
    Pastor, Vashon United Methodist Church Netherlands
  281. Wolfgang Lienemann
    Professor, United Methodist Church Switzerland