Major 'A Common Word' Events

‘A Common Word’ and the future of Muslim-Christian dialogue: Conference

Mater Dei Institute of Education, Dublin
A College of Dublin City University
6th and 7th December, 2013

This conference brings together Muslim and Christian scholars to examine the unique contribution of the Common Word Initiative to the history of Muslim-Christian relations in its emphasis on the core principles of Loving God and Loving Neighbour as one’s self. The conference will bring together scholars who have already been involved in Muslim-Christian and Muslim Jewish dialogue, including Timothy Winter (Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad), the Most Revd. Dr. Michael Fitzgerald and Rabbi Professor Reuven Firestone together with other established academics who will collectively shed light upon the significant developments in the Common Word initiative:

  • by exploring the patterns of reception and examining philosophical analysis of the document
  • by comparing the application of this initiative in different contexts today
  • by reading the document in the light of pre-modern Muslim and Christian thinkers
  • by examining the document in relationship to the parent tradition of Judaism
  • by assessing the application of this method to the formulation of argumentation in contemporary theological and political questions

Some key questions to be addressed during the conference include:

  • Why is the Common Word perceived as a crucial initiative in contemporary attempts at reconciling the alleged tensions between the two traditions?
  • Is the Common Word regarded as successful and, if so, why?
  • What does it have to say to Muslims and Christians today living in the Western world in the shadow of what is known as post modernity?

Responses to all of these questions will have a significant impact on Muslim-Christian studies with particular relevance to current religio-political and legal issues in Ireland and Europe.

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