A Common Word Between Us and You: A Global Agenda for Change

This October Georgetown University’s Office of the President and Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, together with the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought of Jordan, will host A Common Word Between Us and You: A Global Agenda for Change. This two-day conference will take the Common Word initiative to the next stage by focusing on global issues and initiatives for change. Global political and religious leaders, scholars, media, and community representatives will discuss and develop concrete proposals to advance global peace and security between Muslim and Western societies.

A Common Word, the largest Muslim interfaith initiative towards Christians to date, has provided Muslims and Christians with a framework to address religious, historical, social and practical issues between two world communities. Muslims and Christians make up about 55% of the world’s population; world peace depends to a great extent on establishing peace between these groups.  Globalization has touched all communities around the world, providing challenges and opportunities for mutual understanding, trust and respect. Global problems call for global efforts, and Christian and Muslim societies have a duty to mobilize their moral, spiritual and social resources to respond to the problems of our age.
We must work together with a global agenda and chart a new course for relations in the 21st century.

The Georgetown Common Word Conference will include a frank and open discussion between key religious leaders, scholars and practitioners about pressing issues between Muslims and Christians.  The second day of the conference will be open to a broad audience of invited guests and media, and will include panel discussions highlighting best practices and practical measures to improve Muslim-Christian relations.

Georgetown will host the fourth conference of the Common Word on its main campus in Washington, D.C.  Please note attendance to this conference is by invitation only.