A Man is not a Banana

I can see the allure that an initiative such as this must have though I must  add swiftly that it is one that is hopelessly flawed.  I am not a great scholar but I know the differences between Islam and the Kingdom of God of which Jesus spoke are utterly alien to each other.  For the Christian to miss this is actually miss Jesus himself.  For the Muslim to miss this is likewise to ignore much of what Mohammed spoke of.  It is true that there are at least surface level points of similarity.  Mankind, I am told, shares 50% of its DNA with a banana but there are irreconciliable differences.  Such an imagined confederation is man made at best.  Christians should not be concerned with meeting Muslims halfway in some Godless halfway house but should love them with all they have, holding firmly to the truth which is that Jesus alone is the only true source of peace.  To deny Muslims the opportunity to hear the Gospel and see the Kingdom coming into their lives is the true horror, the deepest hatred imaginable.