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Respected Sir:
I am a research student at the Center for Studies of Islam and Christian Muslim relationship. i am working on a dissertation for my MPhil on the Common Word. For my research work, i would like to go through the drafts of the letter in order to study the history behind the text. Will i get permission to use the library in the institute? What is your advise for me?





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Dear Sirs,

My name is Melanie and I am a student of Prof. Karl-Josef Kuschel at the Theological Seminary at the University of Tübingen, Germany, and I am presently writing my Master Thesis on your open letter “A Common Word”.

I have studied Catholic and Protestant Theology and Islamic Studies in Germany, Lebanon and Syria.

The title of my work will be: Das Dokument “A Common Word” von 2007: Übersetzung, Hintergrundanalysen und Rezeption“, as I am mainly interested in the Inner-Muslim debate and  the discussion on this document.

I have already finished a German translation of the Arabic version of „A Common Word“ – I noticed that the English and the Arabic text are nearly the same. Which was the original language of „A Common Word“ – English or Arabic?

I noticed, while translating the Arabic text into German, that the Arabic version gives a quotation from a Hadith, which is not cited in the English text. What is the reference of this Hadith?

Further, I would like to know more about the Inner-Muslim dialogue you experienced before writing this letter. What was the reaction to this letter in the Muslim world by Muslim scholars and Muslim communities.

I would be pleased, if you could write me also about problems other Muslim scholars had, who did not sign „A Common Word“. Who was actually asked to sign it and who was involved in writing the letter?

Please send me everything written in English or Arabic (also in Turkish).
Yours Faithfully





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I am a Master’s student at Harvard University concentrating on Religion and Peace building.  I am interested in writing a paper about the way this diverse group of Muslim leaders came together to appeal to the Christian community for reconciliation.  I wonder whether someone at your organization would be willing to discuss this with me, or to answer a few questions by email.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

In writing this paper, I hope to honor your amazing work and accomplishment in promoting peace and understanding.
 Best regards,