Ayoon Wa Azan (On Muslims And Christians – Part 3)

Jihad el-Khazen Al-Hayat - 31/10/07/

On Muslims and Christians - 3

Muslim religious scholars are trying to build bridges with the heads of Christian Churches by relying on common denominators to Islam and Christianity. The heads of Christian churches release yearly reports condemning the occupation and calling on the world Christians to lend support to the Palestinian people. Major American Churches have decided to stop investing in Israel and have called on their members to boycott Israel as a protest against the occupation.

In every poll in which people are asked in whom they place their confidence, the clergy and doctors occupy the top positions while used car dealers and real estate agents are ranked at the bottom of the list.

Whereas I have examined in the past two days the efforts made by Muslim and Christian clergymen, some people lend credibility to used car dealers and real estate agents. The war advocates and the racists from among the neocons as well as other radicals represent the other side of terror and the partners of terrorists whom they claim to fight, since they provide fundamentalist terrorists with their raison d’être.

I have examples illustrating the above, but I first need to write an introduction. Not all the neocons are Jews, and Jews, especially the Americans, are usually Liberal centrists. Radicals like the lobby leadership and B’nai B’rith, represent a minority that kidnapped American foreign policy. The war advocates are also present in every country in America and Europe, in the North and in the South.

Now I present David Horovitz who organized a couple of days ago ‘The Islamofascism Awareness Week’ in American universities in the frame of a racist instigation overflowing with grudges. If a Muslim replies to it with a Zionist Nazi awareness week, he is considered a new Hitler, instead of the true Hitlerists supporting Israel.

Yet, there are worse figures. Norman Podhoretz is supposedly an extremist to the extent of being silly, so he can not be taken seriously. However, Rudolph (Rudy) Guiliani, the Republican competitor for the presidency, made him his advisor, which means he might accept the advice of a racist who participated in formulating the expression Islamofascism, i.e. he shifted to Islam the Zionist Nazist inclinations he harbors, as he is more fascist than il Duce, Mussolini’s nickname.

Podhoretz prays so that George Bush attacks Iran. Had I been a war advocate like him, I would have prayed like him too, because such a strike will put an end to American presence in the Middle East. Nevertheless, I do not endorse any war, nor do I want Arabs, Muslims, or Jews to die so that the objectives of the war and evil cabal are fulfilled.

Podhoretz had published his provocative article in the Commentary magazine, the mouthpiece of radical Jewish Americans. Many readers replied by criticizing his thought, and I personally had to subscribe to that magazine to have access to the material. I have found out that he has earned himself the titles of dregs, insect, a danger to grandchildren, a war criminal, and others.

This is exactly my opinion before I read his recent book World War IV: the Long Struggle against Islamofascism. While reading Commentary, I have also found out that his son John, a radical and racist like him, will become the magazine editor-in-chief as of the beginning of 2009.

I move on to Martin Amis who caused an uproar with his long article entitled ‘The Age of Horrorism’ in which he said that moderate Islam lost the civil war within the faith. In an interview he asked what could be done “to make them pay the price for what they are doing?” There is a definite urge – don’t you have it? The Muslim community will have to suffer until it gets its house in order. What kind of suffering? Not letting them travel. Deportation – further down the road. Curtailing of freedoms. Strip-searching people who look like they’re from the Middle East or from Pakistan. Discriminatory stuff, until it hurts the whole community and they start getting tough with their children.’

That was last year, but a new argument broke out when Professor Terry Eagleton said in the preface to a book of his that Martin Amis and his father Kingsley are racists, misogynists and homophobes, and that the drink-sodden son learnt from his father.

How did Martin Amis defend himself? In a TV interview conducted with him last week, he said that his father and grandfather are both racists and added saying that he feels he is ‘morally superior’ to Islamic countries which, unlike the West, have not evolved.

The space is getting smaller. Christopher Hitchens, a British journalist based in the US, is an antitheist, but he considers Islam to be more ‘evil’ than other religions, and he calls for genocide. Replying to a question following a lecture he delivered on Iran, he said ‘destroy it’. This radical who condemns any words of the type used by Mahmoud Ahmedinejad on wiping Israel out from the world map, is saying something worse without considering it racist as long as the genocide target is Muslims.

Finally, the good will inevitably prevail, and our duty is to defeat terror perpetrated in the name of Islam, while their duty is to discard racist war advocates. Peace in the world, as Muslim religious scholars have said, will not be established without the prevalence of peace and justice between Muslims and Christians, both of whom represent half of the world population.