Call To Establish Justice

Speakers at a seminar said message of Islam and Christianity is peace and justice is needed for establishing peace and harmony in the world.

Chittagong Catholic Diocesan Dialogue and Social Commission organised the seminar on “Ground of relationship among Muslims and Christians: Love of one God and Love to the Neighbours” at Caritas Regional Training Centre on Saturday.

Bishop of Chittagong Patrick D Rozario inaugurated the seminar.

Patrick in his speech said 138 Muslim leaders from 43 countries sent letters to Pope XVI the Benedict in 2007 on the subject ‘A common word between us and you’.

“The mission of the letter was to strengthen the bond of solidarity among the Islamic and Christian religious leaders to lead the world on the way to peace and harmony,” Patrick said.

Prof Badiur Rahman presented a paper on “Love of one God and Love to the neighbours in the concept of Islam” while Auxiliary Bishop of Dhaka Dr Theotonius Gomes on “Love of one God and Love to the neighbours in the concept of Christianity.”

The seminar also discussed about the Catholic Muslim Forum.

A total of 64 participants from both the religions including teachers of different universities, colleges, high schools and some leaders from different institutions and society took part in the seminar.