Christian Clerics Respond To Muslim Hand Of Peace

Abu Dhabi: More than 300 Christian clergymen signed a letter, apologising to Muslims for Crusades and the consequences of the war on terror, which resulted in human and faith damages.

In a letter titled ‘Loving God and Neighbour Together’, the Christian clerics replied to an earlier letter from 138 Muslim scholars titled ‘A common Word Between Us and You’.


Dr Habib Ali Al Jafri, Muslim propagator, said: “I am happy with this letter, which is considered as an unprecedented step to bring the Islamic and Christian faiths and civilisations closer.”

Speaking at a press conference held yesterday at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, Al Jafri said Muslims and Christians make up 55 per cent of the world’s population, and this new closeness serves as the first firm step towards returning to peace, brotherhood and harmony between people.

He added that more steps would follow in response to the apology to enhance interfaith dialogue. The letter from Muslim scholars was sent to 27 Christian heads of churches around the world, including the Vatican.

Twenty-five of them replied, but no reply has been received yet from the Vatican and an Orthodox church, Al Jafri said.

Miroslav Volf, Director for Yale Centre for Faith and Culture, said the earlier letter from Muslim scholars has touched Christians and awakened the sentiments of tolerance and closeness between the two sides.

The clerics who signed the letter are from all over the world, mostly from the US, and represent the largest sector of Christians.