Rather than constantly saying that Islam is wrong and that is not a peaceful religion as the other “Christian” replies seem to be, I will instead say how pleased I am that we as religions can start to have a common dialogue between us.

As a Christian I truly believe in Jesus and the Trinity, however, the beliefs of Islam make perfect sense and I have read some of the Qur’an myself. I do believe that our God is the same, and that anyone on earth who conducts themselves as Jesus or Allah has prescribed will go to Heaven.

The problm with dialogue is that people on both sides get too focused on the bad sects within the others’ religion. The history of the Christian Crusaders, the rght-wing Christian groups and “Islamic” fundamentalists. I firmly believe that once we can unite and denounce our own demons within our religons then dialogue will be forthcoming.

Atheists often say that “Religions breed Conflict”; I disagree, it is Religous Believers who Breed Conflict and our faiths must unite to stop them.