Pope Meets With Saudi Arabia’s King At The Vatican, Marking It As Their First Encounter

Vatican City, Vatican (AHN) – After causing the anger of Muslims over his remarks on Islam and violence, Pope Benedict XVI met for the first time with Saudi Arabia’s King on Tuesday for inter-religious talks.

Arrived in Rome Monday evening, a local newspaper said Abdullah invited the audience during his European visit.

The Pope has mentioned his objective to get in touch with all nations that apparently do not have diplomatic ties with the Holy See, which include Saudi Arabia and China.

He and some Vatican officials have also disputed the restriction of Christian worships in Saudi Arabia.

Abdulla stated: “All religions encourage people to love the next person. If everyone followed the principles of their religions, and that which Allah ordered, the world would be free of clashes.”

According to the Vatican publication L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy See anticipated the talks would create a truthful dialogue between the two sides over the matter, stating that 1 million or more Christian guest workers are present in Saudi Arabia.

As the meeting ended, Abdullah offered the Pope with a golden sword studded with jewels, as well as a gold and silver statue of a palm tree and man on a camel, which are traditional Middle Eastern presents.