Response from The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)- Britain Yearly Meeting

Letter from 138 Muslim Scholars welcomed by Quakers in Britain

On 11 October 138 Muslim scholars – who have millions of followers – wrote an open letter to the Pope and to all Christian leaders – see the website: A Common Word. It was reported by the UK media, and was immediately welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury amongst others. On 23 October the Society of Friends welcomed it in their letter to the Guardian (not published by that paper) which read:

We read with delight the report of the letter sent by 138 Muslim scholars to Christian leaders calling on them “to come together with us on the common essentials of our two religions” (Conflict between religions, October 12th). Critics of religion have recently received much coverage of their view that religion is and has been a force mainly for division and strife. We know and have experienced that it is potentially also a powerful force for reconciliation and peace, and that these positive dimensions, which stem from the love of God and of neighbour, are at the heart of both Muslim and Christian faiths. Quakers are working to develop peaceful understanding both locally, nationally and internationally between different faith groups. We therefore warmly welcome this Muslim initiative, hope that it will be reciprocated by Christian leaders, and that Christians, Muslims and those of other religious traditions will unite around what we have in common, in order to defuse tensions arising from fear and suspicion, and work together for a more peaceful world.

Rachel Carmichael, Clerk to Meeting for Sufferings, Religious Society of Friends
Elizabeth Allen, Clerk, Quaker Peace and Social Witness
Phil Lucas, Clerk, Quaker Life Central Committee
Marigold Bentley Secretary to Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations