As Salaamu Aleikum,

Dear Brothers and Sister;

The concept of A Common Word is very timely and progressive toward developing communication and understanding between the people of the book.  I welcome all efforts toward bridging created gaps for learning and sharing human commonalties.  With that said, I don’t know if your organization is aware of the fact that an organization called SNAP, Survivors Netwrok of Adults Abused by Priest has made the request that President George Bush does not receive the Pope while he is in the United States.  Understandably, SNAP position seems extreme but according to one of SNAP spokesperson Pope Benedict 16th for many years ignored the abuse within the Catholic Church.

In sensitive understanding of the concerns of SNAP even if A Common Word extends a gesture to Pope Benedict XVI, acknowledgement of the situations being addressed by SNAP should also be mentioned.  Thank you for your initiative for better understands between the peoples of the books.


Sr. Maryam