Thank you

To Whom it may Concern

I am writing this to express my gratitude to A Common Word.  I attend Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, United States of America; and am currently enrolled in a Sociology class.  For an assignment for the class, we had to pick a social action, and my group chose religious violence, focusing on the violence that goes on between Christians and Muslims.  While doing research for our project, I came across the website for A Common Word.  While I was reading through the website, I realized that I never knew that the Christian and Muslim religions had were so similar.  I think that A Common Word is a remarkable idea.  I would just like to commend all of the people who are taking part of it.  I would also like to help spread the word about the website and the basic ideas of A Common Word.

 Jennifer Bader
P.S. Please share any other information or any ways that I can help spread A Common Word