The 2009 Rudolph C. Barnes Sr. Symposium

“Theory and Application of A Common Word

This conference included the following papers:

  • Waleed El-Ansary: “The Three Dimensions of Islam and Islamic Environmental Economics”.
  • Cinnamon Pinon Carlarne: “Environmentalism as Modern Religion & Climate Change as the Secular Apocalypse: Reassessing the Role of Religion in Environmental Decision-making”.
  • Douglas MacLean: “Nature and Christianity”.
  • Nicholas Adams: “A Common Word and Human Rights as Minimal Rules”.
  • David K. Linnan: “A Common View of Development?”
  • Joseph M. Isanga: “The Common Word, Development, and Human Rights: African and Catholic Perspectives”.
  • Marsudi Triatmodjo and Abdul Ghofur Anshori: “The Role of Islam in Developing the National Law of the Republic of Indonesia”.
  • Father Daniel Madigan: “Mutual Theological Hospitality – Doing theology in the presence of the ‘other’ ”.
  • Caner Dagli: “Spirituality and Other Religions: Meditations Upon Some Deeper Dimensions of A Common Word”.
  • John Chryssavgis: “Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Interfaith Dialogue: Mystical Principles, Practical Initiatives”.
  • Joseph Lumbard: “What of the Word is Common?”.
  • James Cutsinger: “Disagreeing to Agree: A Christian Response to A Common Word”.