The Al Gore, Jamie Lynn Spears, Pope Benedict Climate Change Connection

How could Al Gore, Jamie Lynn Spears and Pope Benedict XVI be connected to each other, world peace and climate change? If climate change leads to melting glaciers, dry rivers, desertification, nuclear world war III fighting over arable land and water, and then a new ice age of world wide nuclear winter, will that solve the global warming problem? Nuclear world war III will have no survivors. Will that solve the overpopulation problem?

Al Gore is fighting to save the world from the disaster of climate change but he has decided not to do it by running for the Presidency of the United States even though he would be a shoo in. Pope Benedict XVI just invited Prince Ghazi of Jordan to bring some of the 138 Muslim scholars, clerics and political leaders to meet with him at the Vatican.

In his invitation, Pope Benedict XVI said, “We must not yield to the negative pressures in our midst, but must affirm the values of mutual respect, solidarity and peace. The life of every human being is sacred, both for Christians and Muslims. Our common ground of, ‘Love God and one’s neighbor’ allows us to base dialogue on effective respect for the dignity of every human person and a common commitment to promoting mutual respect and acceptance among the younger generation. Once this is achieved, it will be possible to cooperate in a productive way in the areas of culture and society, and for the promotion of justice and peace in society and throughout the world.”  Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, just announced that she is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend. The self-righteous United States Republican majority is now hurling every slur in the book at Jamie Lynn Spears. This shows how far human beings have come from their roots, not to mention their lack of respect for the dignity of every human person and the call to love thy neighbor. Not too long ago the average life expectancy was 25 years old. If the Lord created humanity, then the Lord determined that women should begin to have children at the age of 13, at which point women become of child-bearing age. To hurl insults at Jamie Lynn Spears is to criticize God for producing women who become of child-bearing age at 13.  Al Gore has decided not to run for the Presidency of the United States of America. He explained that in 1997, when he begged the 100 Senators to ratify the Kyoto Treaty to combat climate change and global warming only 1, ONE, senator agreed, and 99 senators said, “NO”. In the old days for 5 million years our ancestors knew that poison from snakes was deadly. Today our elders have become so detached from reality that 99% of them are saying “Yes” to poisoning the air, water and earth. To love a person, to respect a person is to not poison their air, water and earth.

The self righteous pro-life Republican moral majority are acting as though they would be happier if Jamie Lynn Spears did not have a child growing inside of her, that it would be better if Jamie Lynn Spears had gotten rid of the child. Pope Benedict XVI forbids Jamie Lynn Spears from aborting her child. Al Gore refuses to run for President now because he says that the average person could care less about climate change and global warming.

In his recent interview with Time Magazine, Nobel Laureate Al Gore said, “Everything I do is within the context of priority number one: how can I help contribute to a solution to the climate crisis? When I was in the snow and ice data center, receiving a full briefing on the polar ice caps, afterwards I would turn on my TV and there were two networks with bulletins: ‘Britney Spears loses custody of her children’. We’re living in a madhouse if our priorities focus on the embalming of Anna Nicole Smith, or the trial of O.J. Simpson, while we ignore the greatest crisis this nation has ever faced, climate change.”

Pope Benedict XVI and Prince Ghazi are calling for common respect among the younger generation of Christians and Muslims. Al Gore says that what is needed is a grassroots movement for climate change and global warming to protect against climate change and resulting world wars fighting over water and soil after desertification. Grassroots means the common people, people best representing the basic interests of the people. Basic means essential. What could be more essential than clean, pure, unpoisoned air, water and earth? Love and respect means not hurting yourself or anyone else, as “The Queen of Soul”, Aretha Franklin sings.  

Instead of the younger Christian and Muslim worlds arguing over religious differences, we all need to follow the advice of Pope Benedict XVI, Prince Ghazi and Al Gore, and unite against our real enemies, lack of love and respect for one another leading us all into nuclear world war III, and the poisoning to death of our common home, Planet Earth.