Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future

An International Consultation

Geneva, 1-5 November 2010

Conference Description

Christians and Muslims have a joint responsibility to contribute the very best of their theological, spiritual, and ethical resources for the common good of humanity.

Between November ist and 5th 2010, Muslim and Christian leaders, scholars, and activists from around the world will gather in Geneva to develop concrete ways of building a common future, in order to achieve more compassionate and just societies, based on equality, co-citizenship, and mutual respect.

The international consultation of Christians and Muslims, which builds on the solid basis of past initiatives and achievements by a variety of organizations and networks, will focus on three main areas:

  1. Beyond Majority and Minority.
  2. From Conflict to Compassionate Justice.
  3. Learning to Build Bridges.

The consultation will strive to:

1. Seek mutual enrichment and commitment by sharing initiatives, perspectives and resources for building bridges of respect between Christians and Muslims.
2. Identify and address issues of common concern, and provide guidance to enable cooperation between Muslims and Christians, at all levels.
3. Develop faith-inspired approaches to joint Christian Muslim action.

60 Muslim and Christian leaders, scholars and activists – men and women from different parts of the world and identifying with various confessions and tendencies in the two traditions will participate in this consultation.

Date & Venue:
1 – 5 November 2010.
The World Council of Churches will host this event at its headquarters in Geneva. The inaugural session will take place at the Geneva international conference center at the UN; international guests and representatives of the international community, and of the local Christian and Muslim communities in Switzerland will be invited.