Vatican: ‘Not worried’ About al-Zawahiri Video

Vatican City, 18 Dec. (AKI) – The Vatican does not consider ‘worrying’ the latest video message by Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s deputy leader. The video shows images of Pope Benedict XVI and his 6 November meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah in Rome.

“I ask how appropriate it was for him [Abdullah] to visit the pontiff, who has offended Islam and Muslims?” states al-Zawahiri in the video.

But Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the video was no cause for concern.

“It is not strange, nor does it worry us in any particular way,” said Lombardi in a media briefing.

The Vatican interprets this message as a sign that al-Qaeda is “worriedR#8221; about the increase in dialogue with “many voices” of the Muslim world.

“It seems that it is a significant fact that the Pope has established dialogue with influential Muslim leaders such as the King of [Saudi] Arabia, and 138 Islamic leaders who sent the pope a letter recently,” Lombardi said.

“This worries whoever is not interested in dialogue,” he said.